Friday, June 17, 2011

Monitoring Your Child's Reading, Game, and Movie Exposure


I am in LOVE with this new resource I found from Focus on the Family.  It's a website called Plugged In.  This AMAZING resource is to help you to decide what is, or is not, appropriate for your child to watch, read and play.

There are some super hero parents out there that read books, watch movies, and play games before letting their child do them, and I wish I was one, but I'm not.  I think most of us regular parents, don't have time for that.  Instead, we just look at the rating and go by what other kids his/her age are allowed to do, and then regret it when our children ask about what certain words mean or pick up negative behaviors from it.

HALLELUJAH!!  Plugged In has come to our rescue!!  This (extremely thorough) website has cataloged thousands of TV shows, movies, books, video games and music with VERY DETAILED descriptions of the content for you to decide whether your child should be exposed to it or not.  For example, the new movie that's coming out today, Mr Popper's Penguins, is reviewed for parents beginning with positive elements and then moves on to include any violence, crude or profane language (bad words, kinda bad words, and almost bad words :) ), drug and alcohol content, sexual content, spiritual content or other negative content.  It does NOT end with a yay or nay vote on whether you should allow your child to see it or not, which I love.  It is purely non-biased information for parents to use in their decision making.

Thank you Focus on the Family for this invaluable parent resource!


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