Saturday, August 6, 2011

OMG!! Compositioin Notebooks are $0.10 at Staples tomorrow!!!

I am so excited about this deal!!  I have not seen composition notebooks for anything less than $0.25 (and that's only if you're lucky) for several years.  $0.10 is a STEAL!!!  Get to Staples early, but leave some for me!!!  Limit 3 (unless you're a teacher. . . then it's 25) and $5 min. purchase.

To meet that minimum $5 purchase, you can get a ream of copy paper for $4.49, send in the EASYrebate and you really only pay $0.50, or Cadoozles mechanical pencils for $5, but FREE after EASYrebate.  They also have rulers, striped paper clips and Really Useful Boxes for $0.25 each.  Another great thing is the hanging file crates for $3 or 4 drawer rolling carts for $9

Office Depot has $0.01 glue, $0.50 erasers, pens, poly binders and staple removers.

Office Max has $0.01 filler paper, $0.10 pack of pens, and $0.25 poly folders.  There's also a coupon in the back of their ad for a $0.20 little tub of pencil grips and erasers.

Guess where I'm going tomorrow?


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I didn't find your blog until today!!!

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