Friday, July 22, 2011

Action Plan for Next Year

I decided to write down some goals to focus my "summer surfing."  I keep getting stuck on websites and searches for cute stuff that I probably will not ever have time to implement, so instead I need some goals to focus my summer time web surfing down time. Here are the major things I want to focus on/implement next year:

1.  Follow my Balanced Literacy first 20 days lessons.

2. Implement a short procedural lesson EVERY day (sort of Ron Clark's Essential 55 style)

3. Design most instruction around projects (PBL).

4. Do NOT assign anything that I don't plan to look at, grade or use to guide further instruction (NO busywork, or 'practice' just for the sake of 'practice').  I want to do MOST of my grading authentically, standing behind the child, during class.  I am the world's worst at grading papers.  I get these HUGE stacks of papers that I don't have time to really spend grading.  NO MORE!!  PBL should help with this.
 5. Return to individualized spelling and include individualized grammar and writing instruction.  I strayed from this last year because I thought it would be easier, but I'm going back!!

Some links I came across. . .
Four Blocks: Writing
Individualized Spelling Lists

Check out some other teacher's goals at this linky party:

What are your goals for next year?


SB said...

Heather -

I love it! :) It makes me miss teaching - it sounds like we are a lot alike in our philosophies. I have the Fountas and Pinnell book and now I'm interested in the PBL! :)


Mrs. Garcia said...

Yes Sherry! I'll keep posting about PBL for sure because that's my new endeavor for the year! Thank you for commenting!! :)

Mrs. Morris said...

Great goals! P.S. I love your blog title and I am a new follower. Thanks for linking up!

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